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How to Prepare for a Window Washing

by  Jeremy Rather

Windows are an asset in any home, producing natural light and allowing for views of the outside. But when windows are dirty, their aesthetic and health benefits are significantly less. Fortunately, companies like Wonder Window Washing in San Diego are here to help. After you schedule a window washing appointment, do these three things to prepare for their arrival.



For the interior portion of the window washing it’s very helpful if you please remove all items off the windowsills such as, picture frames, plants/planters, other decorative items that are fragile.

Please keep in mind that side tables should be moved away from windows, as well as fragile, delicate lamps that might tip over.

If you have Bay or Garden windows with shelving (usually in the kitchen or bathroom) please clear all objects off shelving and around the window area, so we can have clear access to all the glass.

Moving all furniture in the home that may obstruct access to the window is key in having a smooth seamless window washing. We are happy to help you move larger items such as large beds, couches, or cabinets. For furniture that isn’t so easy to move we always try our best to work around it and usually with great success.



When it comes to exterior window washing having clear access to all windows is important as is having enough space cleared away for us to position and set-up our ladders. Here are a few things you can do help make the exterior window washing safe and easy.

Patio furniture – please move all furniture away from windows and sliding doors. Please leave at least a 3-foot access area so we can easily set up our ladders and other equipment.

Sheds – If you have a shed that is obstructing one or more windows please know we cannot safely access and clean these windows. Moving the shed ahead of time can ensure we will be able to reach the windows.

Planters – Please move all planters away from windows, leaving enough space for someone to get behind it with a ladder if necessary and clean.

Trees and Shrubs – if you notice you have trees and shrubs growing up against the windows or even growing onto the windows now is a great opportunity to cut them back. Trying to clean a window with large shrubs near it is not only dangerous but can also be a painful experience and cause damage to your plants.

Toy boxes, pet bedding and food dishes should also be moved away from sliding doors during your appointment.


We love pets and we love meeting your pets, it’s often the highlight of our day. We know not all pets are happy to see us because ladders and equipment sometimes scares them. If you know your pet is easily scared or shy around strangers we ask that you please give them a safe secure place to stay while we are at your home. This ensures they don’t run out, get lost or feel stressed when they see us.

If you are not able to move these items due to health reasons we will be happy to assist you, please let us know ahead of your schedules appointment. We hope these helpful tips have prepared you well for your appointment. If you still have questions just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help. Thank you for choosing Wonder Window Washing!