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Windowscreen Repair & Replacement

by  Jeremy Rather

Window screens are incredibly important, but we often overlook them. A good screen serves lots of purposes. The most obvious use for screens is to keep pests and wildlife out; however, they also keep pollens and other things out of the air you’re breathing. Finally, good screens help filter sunlight, helping to keep your house cooler. There are several aspects of homeownership that ask for your attention.  With your mind occupied on all of that, it’s easy to overlook your window screens.  At Wonder Window Washing in San Diego, one of the most common things we see out in the field is a broken, damaged or brittle window screen. Here are 3 signs you need to repair or replace your window screens:


Sometimes screen damage isn’t noticeable from afar but up close you can see how the screen material has worn due to the elements. Take a moment to do an inspection of your window screens and screen doors to see what condition they are in. When you book a window washing with us we will always bring to your attention anything we think needs to be repaired or replaced.


Visible Damage

Damaged screens not only are unsightly but any hole, rip or opening can allow pests an access point into your home. With summer fast approaching take a moment to inspect all your window screens and door screens. If you see visible damage or if your window screens appear to be brittle and worn or frayed, it’s time to get then replaced!


Broken Frames

Your door and window screens are help together by a metal or wooden frame. Over time due to sun and environmental damage, these frames can erode and deteriorate; this is especially the case if you live near the beach. This deterioration causes your window screens and door screens to come loose and sometimes warp. In this case we recommend you replace the frames completely. You also have to replace the screen at this time if it’s in poor condition.



When we arrive at your home we always do a quick inspection of your window screens. We will point out any issues we see and give you options on how we can best handle them. Most of the time broken or severely damaged window screens can’t be cleaned and sometimes are better left untouched. There is occasion where we can do a gentle washing with minimal contact so as not to cause more damage.

Although, we do not repair or replace window screens we can recommend the names of some excellent companies who can repair or replace them for you.  At Wonder Window Washing we only recommend the best!